Because I’m the Co-Pilot,

I’m the Co-Pilot, I sit on the right
I’m the Co-Pilot, I sit on the Right
Most of my Passangers and Cabin Crew think :(

I’m not important, I am just part of the Flight
I never talk back lest I have Regrets,
But I have to remember what My Main Pilot forgets.
I Only make All my Flight plans, 
I Only study about the Weather,
Pull up the Gear and Stand by to Feather,
I Only Fill out the form and do the Flight Reporting,
Fly the old crate when the Pilots are courting.
I Only take the Readings, adjust the power,
Handle the Flaps and call the Tower,
Find our position on the darkest of Nights,
And do all the Book work without any Good Lights.

I Call for my Pilot and buy him cokes,
I Always Laugh at his corny Jokes,
And once in a while, 
when his Landings are Rusty,
I’m Right on the spot with 
“Gawd, but it’s gusty!”

All in all I’m a General stooge,
As I sit on the Right of the man I call “Scrooge.”
I Guess you think that it’s past Understanding,
But maybe, some day, he’ll give me a full Landing!