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Windows 8 Is a Disaster,

Microsoft has finally released its game-changing operating system, Windows 8. This is the biggest change to the Windows OS since the launch of Windows 95. We've already spent a lot of time using Windows 8, so keep reading to find out what we think of Microsoft's latest operating system in this Windows 8 review - it's the only Windows 8 review you need.
Windows 8 launched on the 26th October and, as usual with Microsoft operating systems - apart from a few exceptions - will be the operating system on all new PCs and laptops. It's also available on tablets, starting with Microsoft's own Surface and, Windows Phone 8 is now available smartphones. In this Windows 8 review we cover everything except Windows Phone 8, which isn't yet available to test.
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Windows 8: All change please

You're probably familiar with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 since you use at least one or more of them on a daily basis. Although improvements have been made over the years, they're fundamentally the same as Windows 95. It doesn't take too much effort to switch between any of these versions, even though options have moved around a little.
With Windows 8, things change radically. The desktop, as you know it, is relegated to the side-lines to make way for the new so-called Modern UI (User Interface). This interface is designed to be used with touchscreens as well as with a mouse and keyboard, and requires programs to be written specially for it.
These Windows apps are downloaded via the new Windows Store, or from app developers' websites. The Windows Store is similar to Apple's App Store and Google's Play store. As of the October 26 launch date, there will be relatively few apps there, but the number will grow quickly as more and more people begin using Windows 8. Currently, many are free, and a small number cost a couple of pounds. Again, this is likely to change, so don't expect programs which cost, say £100 now, to be any cheaper when the Windows 8 app is released. See also: Best Windows apps: Windows 8 app group test.
You can still run programs written for older versions of Windows, but this is possible only on PCs and laptops: Windows 8 tablets (at least those which have ARM processors and run Windows 8 RT) won't have the traditional Windows desktop at all.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows key + Q: Search. This opens the search charm, set to whichever app you're currently using. You can quickly switch to a files search with Windows+F, or settings with Windows+W.
Windows+C: Open the Charms bar
Windows+H: Share charm
Windows+I: Settings charm
Windows+Z: Displays the app bar. This gives contextual options in each app.
Windows+X: opens the admin menu, which appears where the Start menu used to be.
Windows+D: Shows the traditional desktop. Press again to minimise all desktop windows.
Windows+L: Locks your computer and displays the Lock screen.
Alt+F4: Close current app. Also, you can use your mouse to click at the top of an app and drag it to the bottom of the screen.
Windows 8: Charms bar

The Charms bar is another brand new feature. It appears when you swipe your finger in from the right-hand edge of the screen. Those with a mouse can point the cursor to the top- or bottom-right corner of the screen (these are two of the new 'hot' corners in Windows 8).
From the top, you have Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings. Search is a replacement for the search box in Windows 7 and Vista, but a more capable version. The Share charm allows you to share things with people, but the options will change depending on which app is running. Extra sharing options will appear when you install apps that can share content, such as Twitter clients.
Start takes you back to the Start screen if you're in another app, or switches to the most recent app if you're on the Start screen.
Click or tap the Devices icon to show relevant connected devices. Printers, speakers, screens and network devices will be shown in a list. You can click on one to change its settings, or use any of its capabilities.
Finally, Settings gives quick access to Wi-Fi settings, volume, screen brightness and notifications options. It also provides a link to the new, streamlined control panel, simply named Settings. Clicking on the Settings charm will also show settings specific to the current app, so you might see common Help and About links for most apps, but an extra Accounts option for Mail, say.
W‌indows 8: Searching

For a list of all installed apps, swipe up from the bottom, or right-click, to bring up the bottom options bar, then choose All apps. A neat shortcut, if you know what you're looking for, is simply to start typing on the Start screen. This opens the search box, and you can filter results by type: Apps, Settings or Files. You can also apply that search to a particular app (Internet Explorer, for example) by clicking or tapping on it in the search box.
Multiple windows, Modern UI-style

When you tap or click on an app it opens in full-screen mode. Most apps are designed to work this way, but you can drag down from the top, then drag either left or right to resize the app to occupy a small column at either side. Three-quarters of the screen is then left for a second app (or the desktop, if you like). You can flip apps between these two positions by grabbing the black bar which separates the apps and dragging it left or right.

Windows 8 has made a really large change both performance and graphics. Many don't like it but many loves it. It will properly not be a flop like vista. But trust me! No matter how windows 8 will be like. Apples "Mac" will never take over. Windows is setting them self of over 90& of the OS market. Then Mac have 8& and last linux have 1.5& and the last 0.5& is smaller personal systems.
But Apple will never take over windows now. They had their chance once and screwed it up, they will properly never get a chance like that again. I am talking about the early computer days. apple did own over 95& of the computer market in the early 80's. But then Microsofts "Bill Gates" launched windows. Then windows took over the market totally. Now windows is just too large to go under.

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Attitude Matters

Knowledge is indeed powerful and Intelligence rules the world of knowledge. Both of them are out of one's experience & efforts, being put across in life. But, Change is something which is bound to happen in any field & part of life or situations. 

There, in such situations, Attitude is something that is going to make a big difference among the crowd of intellectuals. 

Most of us are concerned about what we are today. Some may be in emotional situations, due to failure in career or life. Some may be in jubilant mood because of success & knowledge at present. But, all that matters in the long run is nothing rather than the word "ATTITUDE". 

The Knowledge we are talking about here is about the one which has a value in the market where, one can get the fruit out of it. An individual may possess a lot of knowledge - may be having a good academic record, may know many difficult subjects or topics of career or life. 

But, everything is not valuable. Only a few out of them is what make the individual recognised & understood by the people. The rest of knowledge is indeed great but has no value. But, it is feasible to utilise the fruit of those via references to them at times & creating a solid mental & physical background to trigger one's passion. 

So, the credit lies on the ability of any individual to find out what is the good strength on self that others don't have; i.e. the field of life or career or job or idea where one can be a pioneer or a admirer of all, instead of putting effort & pressure on self to excel on something where one lacks in knowledge & quality. 

There are two things about the knowledge - one "the knowledge on which an individual is working on for living & self image", the other "the knowledge on which an individual banks on to trigger one's passion & motivation". 

It is really not an easy task to find out what is best suited for an individual to carry forward as a career in life. But, it is all about trying things newly with innovation & passion, till one is sure about the satisfaction where one has to be in life about the choice of career. 

Our current knowledge is also time-bound. It may get outdated sometime or latter. So, the will to learn, the eagerness to know, the adventurous feeling to explore new things, all such Attitudes are the key to Success & Stability in one's career and life. Nothing remains the same. 

There have been many great people in various fields of life & career. But, all has to go someday. One has both Ups & Downs. So, the point is striking the right target at the right time and thus gaining success for those periods where one can sustain still via new innovations & positive attitudes. 

This means that it is a part of one's life to have both the prime time & worse time. But, whatever the situation is, one who has the right & positive attitude always satisfies self & also gains respect of others. 

Living, studying, working & so on…just for the sake of doing so, isn't worth at all. It will be wonderful if one is able to put colours & passions at times. Success is not just about getting the medal; it is also about the personal satisfaction & the ability to express one's innovation which is well appreciated by others. 

In today's world of steep competition in any way of life & career, it is the best to find the strength where one has strong hold and capitalise the knowledge on those areas to gain the fruit of hard-work. 

It is said right - "Where there is a will, there is a way". Education via schools, colleges, universities are all about gathering knowledge to make an individual know self so as to plan according what one has to do in life. 

Studying for the sake of studying and becoming unemployed latter is not a good option. We do know what we are studying and hence, the onus lies on the individual to think what one has to do beforehand. A society comprises of many facets of characters - Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Businessmen, workers, peasants, and many more. 

None is superior to the other in reality. Everyone contributes and thus we all are able to live together with peace & prosperity. It is about understanding the "Dignity of Labour". So, here comes the word "ATTITUDE". 

A Good & Positive Attitude changes one's past and sets the future for success & satisfaction. A little knowledge is Dangerous; but, rather "Too much knowledge is also Disastrous". 

There is always a limit in knowing & learning things. Curiosity & creativity are indeed the stepping stones for innovation & success in life. But, one has to be sure what is what & where it is leading to. We have God's most precious gift "our Mind". Everything is possible if not this way, but some other way, if not this time, but next time. 

So, what matters more in life is ATTITUDE… rather than Skill & Intelligence. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three Positive Signs in a Dismal Market

Asian shares rise on positive US tone, yen slips
TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares rose on Monday, boosted by a positive tone in U.S. equities last week, while the yen fell to a near seven-month low against the dollar on expectations a new government after next month's election in Japan may deliver more ...
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Smith: Dundee always positive
Sun, 18 Nov 2012 16:21:00. Millwall boss Kenny Jackett hailed goal machine Chris Wood after he grabbed a late winner against 10-man Leeds. The 20-year-old headed home a pin-point cross from Shane Lowry to seal victory for the Lions, stretching their ...
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Zeman remaining positive
Zeman remaining positive. November 18, 2012. Recommend0 · Tweet0 · Email · Print. By Adam Digby, Italy Correspondent. Roma manager Zdenek Zeman has put last week's Rome derby defeat behind him but knows he "must answer for the results" if his...
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Markets Live: Stocks post positive start
Sydney Morning Herald
The Australian market has opened higher following gains in US stocks to end last week followingpositive comments by political leaders about tackling the fiscal cliff and deficit. Billabong's US boss make play for control · Elders makes another loss ...
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ASEAN positive on resolving China-Japan water dispute through code of conduct
Newstrack India
Washington, Nov. 18 (ANI): The head of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has expressed confidence that the bloc was progressing towards creating a code of conduct for disputed waters, but a Chinese official appeared to refute that view.
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Positive meeting
Sidney Herald Leader
There were many positive comments made during Sidney Health Center's annual meeting held at the Sidney Country Club Wednesday. The audit report prepared by CliftonLarsonAllen, which conducts audits for about a hundred critical hospitals, noted ...
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Three Positive Signs in a Dismal Market
First, let me apologize on behalf of the markets for the fact that the fundamentals began mattering again and no one sent you so much as a text alert or an email. The market tends to do that sometimes. Just when everyone had settled on “the Fed is all ...
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Markets start week in positive spirits
Sydney Morning Herald
The Australian market opened higher on fresh hopes that US political leaders may work together to avoid sending the economy off the fiscal cliff. In eraly trade At 1021 AEDT on Monday, the benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was up 25.1 points, or 0.6 per cent, ...
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Making Positive Changes: Holidays, friend or fo?
Freeport Journal-Standard
Unbelievably, the 2012 holiday season is here. Holidays are interesting little things. They have the potential to bring people closer together; to inspire reconciliations of relationships that have been shredded to bits; and to encourage individual ...
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The Corporate Jet market is ready to Fly again as companies are increasingly looking at Small Jets as a growth engine.

From a utilitarian standpoint, corporate jets should always be insulated from economic cycles. They take their owners or users closest to a final destination in the fastest time possible. Travel is unavoidable. So even if economic conditions are biting, corporate jets are not really politically incorrect possessions.

TS Kalayanaraman of Kalyan Jewellers agrees. He purchased a seven-seat Embraer Phenom 100 in, of all places, Kerala. The private jet helps him supervise his 30-odd jewellery stores that span Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry.

"A private jet is not a luxury; it is a necessity," he told ET in an earlier interview, referring to the poor air connectivity in India. Kalayanaraman had trouble reaching small towns like Hubli, Belgaum and Tirupati. Travel took days — one flight a day, a couple a week or no flights at all — but now thanks to the jet, he zips from Bangalore to Hubli in half an hour.

The jet has set back the jeweller by Rs 30 crore. Flying itself costs nearly Rs 50,000 an hour and annual maintenance costs run up to Rs 2.5 crore. These are peanuts for Kalayanaraman because he heads a Rs 8,500-crore group. More importantly, he is able to run his business efficiently. "Time is money," he said.

Buying Principle

It is the same principle that makes business jets a lodestone for companies, according to Rohit Kapur, president, Business Aircraft Operators Association: "Money doesn't matter to people like Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata. What is it that money can't buy them? It is time." For an Ambani or Tata, two days are worth at least millions of dollars, says Kapur.
As there are many Kalayanaramans, if not Ambanis, in India and with their tribe increasing manifold, corporate jets should be enjoying a stupendous growth. They did. The number of business aircraft grew at a steady clip of 10-15% from 2002 to 2005. In 2006, growth peaked to 26%.

More and more Indian companies were then expanding aggressively, says Kapur. The new generation of business leaders understood how they could use business aviation as a growth tool, he says. But the halcyon days were short-lived. In 2007-08, growth fell to 10%. A few things happened that became barriers to growth, says Kapur.

"One, the government imposed an import duty of 25% on acquisition of aircraft. The next year, the world economy collapsed. India was not affected but the sentiment became weak." To make matters worse, some companies came under government gaze for evasion of import duty on aircraft. "People backed off," says Kapur.

Today, there are nearly 1000 business Aircraft [ Small and Big ]
in India. It is by no measure a small number because India is home to the second-largest business jet fleet in the Asia-Pacific. Yet, a sizeable part of this fleet is made up of helicopters.

If one were to count only the private jet fleet in the country, it would be no more than 160, according to data by aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA). However, the number of business jets in India is actually much higher because many Indian customers choose to register their aircraft abroad due to red tape and taxation.

Economic slowdown? Corporate jets get set for second rising
Economic Times
More and more Indian companies were then expanding aggressively, says Kapur. The new generation of business leaders understood how they could use business aviationas a growth tool, he says. But the halcyon days were short-lived. In 2007-08, growth ...
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Economic Times
AAI in-principle nod to Haryana's proposed cargo airport site
Indian Express
In a boost to Haryana's plan to set up a Cargo Airport in the NCR sub-region, Airports Authority ofIndia has conveyed its in-principle consent to the project site. The approval was given after carrying out preliminary site visit and pre-feasibility ...
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Branson not ready yet for 'tough Indian skies'
Hindu Business Line
Virgin Atlantic chief Sir Richard Branson thinks that the Indian skies are quite tough now. “There is over-capacity in the domestic sector. Indian aviation companies are bravely facing the challenges. We will, at present, wait and see. If we see an ...
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recession? UPS Laughs at Your Recession

Greenspan Says Recession Cheap Price to Fix Fiscal Policy
Allowing taxes to rise would be a small price to pay to get U.S. lawmakers to accept spending cuts on entitlement programs, even if it leads to a “moderate recession,” former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said today during an interview on ...
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EU dips into recession. Is the US next?
Christian Science Monitor (blog)
Yesterday, EuroStat, the European Union's statistics office, released their Q3 2012 read on the 17-nation combine GDP showing a quarter-to-quarter decline of 0.1%, tipping the group squarely (though possibly temporarily due to future revisions) into ...
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Christian Science Monitor (blog)
Recession? UPS Laughs at Your Recession
Motley Fool
For all the talk that the U.S. is in a recession, or even just a slow growth recovery, there's at least one segment of the business world that seems totally unfazed, and happy to raise its prices year-in and year-out: the shipping business. In ...
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PRECIOUS-Gold down for week on recession, fiscal crisis fears
News that the euro zone swung into a recession, disappointing U.S. economic data and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's negative outlook on the housing recovery all kept pressure on gold. Gold sagged as the S&P 500 equities index was on track ...
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Looming Fiscal Cliff, European Recession & Mideast Violence Pull Stocks Lower
Fears surrounding the Fiscal Cliff, official recession in Europe, and violence in the Middle East pulled stocks down for a second straight week. Apple, which plays a critical role in the performance and sentiment of so many fund managers and individual ...
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Recession-hit EU faces conflicting choices
Latest data showing the EU has slipped back into recession reinforced pro-spending politicians' argument the austerity regime isn't working and, instead, it is inhibiting whatever growth is possible in Europe's challenging circumstances. Thousands of ...
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Japan seen in mild recession, recovery expected in Q1
TOKYO | Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:16am EST. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's export-reliant economy is probably in recession due to faltering global demand and a diplomatic row with China, but a recovery is likely in the first quarter of next year, a Reuters poll ...
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Will The Recession Blight Spread To England Next?
Seeking Alpha
Had it not been for the London Summer Olympics, which provided a spurt of summer economic activity, Britain might be on the cusp of another recession. Still with the EU debt issues not going away, and the U.S. only commencing to negotiate the ...
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World stocks flat on Europe, US woes; Japan gains
San Francisco Chronicle
BANGKOK (AP) — Trading on world stock markets was lethargic Friday after data showed Europe slipped back into recession and several big U.S. retailers disappointed investors with weak forecasts. The European Union's statistics agency said Thursday ...
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Kingfisher Airlines pays May salary to Cabin Crew, low rung staff

The grounded Kingfisher Airlines on Friday started paying salary for the
month of May to its lower level staff and some cabin crew while there was
no word about salary dues of Pilots and Engineers. "Only cabin crew and low
rung staff have received their May salary," pilots and engineers said, adding
"we still have no word from the airline about our dues."
Dr Vijay Mallya-owned private carrier, which is on the edge of bankruptcy with its flying licence suspended, had committed that the salary dues till May would be paid by Diwali. As the management failed to meet its promise, employees representatives had threatened to chalk out action plan if they did not receive the May salary by November 17.
The regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had suspended Kingfisher's flying licence on October 19 till further orders after a lockout and its failure to come up with a viable plan to revive the airline.

The bankers to Kingfisher have also warned the airline to arrange for more capital by November 30, though Mallya has denied any deadline issued by the lenders to his company. Kingfisher has accumulated losses of about Rs 9,000 crore as on September 30.

Kingfisher Airlines pays May salary to low rung staff
Economic Times
MUMBAI: The grounded Kingfisher Airlines on Friday started paying salary for the month of May to its lower level staff and some cabin crew while there was no word about salary dues of pilots and engineers. "Only cabin crew and low rung staff have ...
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Economic Times
Kingfisher Airlines seeks more time to submit revival plan: Sources
Cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines Ltd, which is yet to pay part of salaries to its employees, has sought more time to submit a comprehensive revival plan to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), as per a PTI report. The beleaguered carrier ...
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Kingfisher may fly again from month end
Hindu Business Line
New Delhi, Oct. 31: Has Kingfisher Airlines pushed forward its plans to restart operations to the end of November? While officials declined to comment on the issue, Kingfisher sources claim the airline booking system has cancelled all flights till ...
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Its a right time to Stop Dreaming …… … Start Flying

Our aim is to help only 1000 Student Pilots in next 3 year for Pilot Training in one of the best Air Transport Association of Canada [ ATAC ] member Flight Training School to trained them.
International student numbers in Canada have more than doubled to 178,000 since 1998. Canadian immigration also says that this resulted in employment for over 83,000 Canadians last year.
Every year more then 6000 Indian students studying pilot training in abroad
Our aim is to help only 1000 Student Pilots in next 3 year for Pilot Training in one of the best Air Transport Association of Canada [ ATAC ] member Flight Training School to trained them. Canadian Aviation qualifications are internationally recognized Excellent services set-up specifically to help international student Pilots.
As we believe that for
Pessimistic its Aviation recession

and for
Optimistic it is an Opportunity.
Our Vision :

During the Global Aviation Recession period we aim at making our aviation KPO services no frill , low  cost and win-win for every one. Even in the period of lot of recession the real performer always survives and win.
Its a right time to
Stop Dreaming  ……
…     Start Flying

Pilot Captain Wilberto Martínez, and Nicaraguan Police officer Luis Irías Méndez, Died in The Cessna 206 crashed into one of the isletas in Lake Nicaragua, Co Pilot Capt Audi Wilson, survived the crash

A retired Nicaraguan Air Force captain, and Nicaraguan Police officer Luis Irías Méndez, are thought to have died on impact when their single-engine Cessna 206 crashed into an uninhabited lake island known as Perron, one of the 20 islets that comprise the little-known archipelago of El Nancital, off the coast of Chontales.
The Cessna 206 crashed into one of the isletas in Lake Nicaragua, off the coast of Chontales

Nicaraguan authorities are investigating a mysterious plane crash this morning that killed two of three passengers aboard.

Pilot Wilberto Martínez, a retired Nicaraguan Air Force captain, and Nicaraguan Police officer Luis Irías Méndez, are thought to have died on impact when their single-engine Cessna 206 crashed into an uninhabited lake island known as Perron, one of the 20 islets that comprise the little-known archipelago of El Nancital, off the coast of Chontales.

The Cessna 206 crashed into one of the isletas in Lake Nicaragua, off the coast of Chontales (photo/ Tim Rogers)

The third passenger, copilot Audi Wilson, survived the crash and was rescued on the island by the military, according to Army spokesman Colonel Orlando Palacios.

“At 10:10 a.m. the plane issued a distress call. When the plane crashed a beacon was activated and minutes later the search began. By 11:30 a.m. the copilot was rescued by helicopter off an islet located 1 kilometer from the coast of Chontales,” Palacios told The Nicaragua Dispatch.

The army spokesman said the cause of the crash is still unclear. He said the copilot will be questioned and the black box recordings reviewed to determine what went wrong. He said the Army’s 5th Command unit has the remote area of the crash closed off.

What is known is that the civilian plane belonged to the state-owned Airport Administration Business of Nicaragua. It departed the Greytown Airport shortly after 9 a.m. this morning en route to Managua. After the plane crossed the jungle it ran into unknown trouble as it reached the eastern edge of Lake Cocibolca, also known as Lake Nicaragua.

Palacios said it was a “routine flight,” and that the airport authorities regularly fly to the various airports they administer to inspect conditions.

Euro Zone Recession Is Reinforced by Slump in a Second Quarter
New York Times
FRANKFURT — The euro zone economy shrank for a second consecutive quarter, according to official data released Thursday, eliminating any doubt about whether the region is in recession and signaling that a long road to recovery remains.
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Recession now, stagnation in 2013 for euro zone
LONDON (Reuters) - The euro zone's new recession will extend until the end of the year and 2013 promises little better than stagnation, a Reuters poll of more than 70 economists showed on Thursday. Conducted before Thursday's data that showed the euro ...
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Gold falls on US budget issues, Europe's recession; other commodities mostly ...
Washington Post
Meanwhile, European Union statistics showed that the 17 countries that use the euro are inrecession for the first time in three years as the region struggles with a three-year-old debt crisis. Arecession is defined as two consecutive quarters of ...
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France Avoids Recession; GDP up 0.2 Pct in Q3
ABC News
France narrowly avoided falling into recession in the third quarter, official figures showed Thursday, but analysts warn the rebound may be short-lived. The French economy, Europe's second-largest, hasn't recorded growth since the third quarter of last ...
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Fed to Test Banks Based on Severe Recession
Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—Banks will be tested on their ability to withstand a severe recession—including a sharp slowdown in China—as part of a new round of "stress tests" to be completed next year, the Federal Reserve said. The 19 biggest U.S. lenders must ...
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GLOBAL MARKETS-Shares sink on 'fiscal cliff,' Europe recession; oil up
Debt crisis sends euro zone back into recession. * Middle East tensions support oil prices, Brent hits $111. * Yen sinks to 6-1/2-month low vs U.S. dollar. By Ellen Freilich and Herbert Lash. NEW YORK, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Global stocks fell for a ...
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Japan cuts economic view for fourth month in row as recession looms
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's government cut its view of the economy for a fourth straight month in November, marking the longest such sequence since the 2008-09 financial crisis and underlining the view that the country is slipping back into recession as ...
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PRECIOUS-Gold falls to 1-week low on global recession fears
Recession in Europe, signs of US slowdown, fiscal crisis weigh * Trade report shows world gold demand slides, seen weakening * Paulson held onto huge gold stake in third quarter * Coming up: U.S. net capital inflows, industrial output Fri. By Frank ...
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Europe's economy returns to recession
San Jose Mercury News
And with surveys pointing to increasingly depressed conditions across the 17-member group at a time of austerity and high unemployment, the recession is forecast to deepen, and make the debt crisis -- which has been calmer of late -- even more ...
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CEE sinks deeper into recession, outlook poor
PRAGUE (Reuters) - Much of central and eastern Europe fell deeper into recession in the third quarter, hit by austerity programmes and by slowing demand for exports, with a broad economic upturn still a distant prospect. A widespread drought, bouts of ...
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