Obstacles are Something You see when you lose Sight of Your Goal

If You Don't Build Your Dreams Some One will Hire You To Help Build their Dreams

Happy Republic Day

Wishing You a Very Happy Republic Day

The reason Why Angels can Fly

Your Office at about 50,000 Feet,

Bicycling is the nearest Approximation I know to the Flight of Birds

The Engine is the Heart of an Airplane but the Pilot is its Soul

The Bluebird Carries The Whole Blue Sky on her Back

One cannot Fly into Flying

Fly and is responsible for an unconscious, subtle desire to slip into some wings and try for the Elusive Boundaries

Lovers of Air Travel Find It Exhilarating to Hang Poised Between the Illusion of Immortality

Once you have Learned To Fly Your Air Plane It is Far less Fatiguing to Fly Than It is to Drive a Car on the Road

Life's Battles Don't Always Go To the Stronger or a Faster Man