Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Friend Sumit Goyal

My Friend Sumit Goyal

Life-Changing Miracle.


Sumit Goyal is a simple man. He is the kind of person who would stop at a traffic signal even if there was no one on the road ( this is an uncommon sight in India ). But this behavior is not unique for him. It comes to him naturally. He loves nature and all things simple and understandable. His idea was clear. If we have friends who need help, help them.

Through the days that I went travelling as a pilot, I always had a dream – to have my own company that catered to the Aviation Industry in every manner that it did, including Blogging.

And so I started scurrying through Advertisements where people offered various options for Website Designs, Engineering, SEOs etc. all of them with several plans to offer, but none of them offered me my basic criteria. You see, all I needed was a website that would help people understand, contribute and gain from their own strengths. All of the companies offered plans but none of them offered personal touch. And then he happened, Sumit Goyal, the proud owner of SahajInfotech, based out of Indore designed a website called   which has earned me INR 50 Lakhs over a period of just Two Years, and my investment with SahajInfotech to create this was just Rs. 500/-. 

So there he was - Sumit Goyal - a man of simple miracles. He is committed to rendering excellent services at minimal costs. SahajInfotech follows his footsteps at setting simple examples to achieve greater goals through very obvious media. I would like to personally thank him for having turned my simple idea into a prominent and Life-Changing Miracle.

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