Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Because I’m the Co-Pilot,

I’m the Co-Pilot, I sit on the right
I’m the Co-Pilot, I sit on the Right
Most of my Passangers and Cabin Crew think :(

I’m not important, I am just part of the Flight
I never talk back lest I have Regrets,
But I have to remember what My Main Pilot forgets.
I Only make All my Flight plans, 
I Only study about the Weather,
Pull up the Gear and Stand by to Feather,
I Only Fill out the form and do the Flight Reporting,
Fly the old crate when the Pilots are courting.
I Only take the Readings, adjust the power,
Handle the Flaps and call the Tower,
Find our position on the darkest of Nights,
And do all the Book work without any Good Lights.

I Call for my Pilot and buy him cokes,
I Always Laugh at his corny Jokes,
And once in a while, 
when his Landings are Rusty,
I’m Right on the spot with 
“Gawd, but it’s gusty!”

All in all I’m a General stooge,
As I sit on the Right of the man I call “Scrooge.”
I Guess you think that it’s past Understanding,
But maybe, some day, he’ll give me a full Landing!

Monday, July 1, 2013

What is a Life

What is a Life :-)

The Life is

A Sweet Dream for the Wise :-)

A Difficult Game for the Fool,

A Comedy Movie for the Rich,

A Life Time Tragedy for the Poor :(

If we Desire to give Wings to our Dreams and Fly !

We Dream Big
We Believe Bigger
We Believe the Power 
of our Big Dreams

We can Fly
We believe
We believe in 
we can Fly.

We Desire
We Believe
We Believe in our Desire.

We Believe and in turn 
We can Reach and Achieve Big.
If we Desire to give Wings 
to our Dreams and Fly

Yes.. Fly Up High! Fly above the Blue Sky !

Yes.. Fly Up High!
Fly above the Blue Sky !
Work  for  your Passion :-) 
Not only for a profession :(
If your Passion is Engineering,
By all means work Only for that Passion.
Be an Engineer ... 
Or Whatever it May be,
A Pilot, a Doctor, a Lawyer, 
a Good  Mom  or Dad or Family Member..
Excel in your Real World.  

It is what your Heart is Telling you.
Don't waste your time on Nonsense.
If you are still  unaware of what you desire
Seek it within.
Dig out deeper
and ask your Heart about it.
Never forget to Consult your Heart
Since the real Power is in your Heart.

I  can still remember the moment I asked my heart about my Passion.
My Passion in Writing.

It is my great Desire to write a Book.
Others say it's  impossible.

It's not my field. I am not a Doctor of Philosophy 
Nor a Master in Literature..
what I only have is my HEART.

Pretty Hard to achieve
but in the End.. 

I Know I Proved the People wrong.
I Gave Birth of That Desire.
I Gave Birth of the Book I love to have.